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Top Ten third party characters I want in the next Super Smash Brothers

       Some of may have guessed it already, some others don't. This is the list about the ten third party characters I want in Super Smash Brothers 4. We can assume there will be third party characters in the Super Smash Bros. since it was a very welcome addition in Brawl. I know some of you guys are wondering what a third party character is. Well, to put it simple, a third party character is a character that comes from a game that isn't published nor developed my Nintendo. For example, it can be a character that comes from a Ubisoft published game, it can be a character that comes from a Square Enix published game, etc. With that said, not all third party characters from any third party game can make it into this list. There are rules to be followed. First rule, this character MUST come from a game that was available on a Nintendo console. Second rule, one per franchise. Also, I will include second party characters. If the game happens to be developed by a third party developer and is published by Nintendo, it counts. And please, remember this is a personal list. With that said let's start with number ten.

10. Bayonetta (Cereza) - Bayonetta

     Since the game first appeared as a multiplatform game and that Platinum Games isn't owned by Nintendo, Bayonetta is sort of a second party character, which sort of counts. After Bayonetta 2 got announced as a Wii U exclusive published by Nintendo, people were all attracted to the idea that Bayonetta could be a possible playable character in Super Smash Bros. 4. Also, given the fact that she comes from an action game like Bayonetta, thinking of an original moveset for her shouldn't be all that hard. Unfortunately, I never played Bayonetta, so I can't really say I'm attached to the character itself which is why she is only my number ten.

9. Ryu - Street Fighter

   Now, for someone I am more familiar with. I don't think I am the only who wanted Street Fighter's poster boy as a playable character in Super Smash Brothers 4. Since he appeared in Street Fighter 2 on the Super Nintendo, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom for the Wii and in Super Street Fighter 4 on 3DS, we can say Ryu has some history with Nintendo. Thinking of a moveset for Ryu is a breeze. B for Hadoken, up B for Shoryuken, side B for Hurrican Kick, down B for whatever and his Final Smash can be either Metsu Hadoken or Metsu Shoryuken. Plus, he's a fighter! He would fit in very well. But he's not my most anticipated Capcom character.

8. Sora - Kingdom Hearts series

    Out of all the Square Enix characters, Sora is the one I want the most. Maybe it's because it's more likely to see him instead of others. Also, with Kingdom Hearts 3D being a 3DS exclusive, Sora can very much be a 3DS exclusive character (Remember, the game is announced for both the Wii U and 3DS). His moveset can easily be based around his spells. For people asking why Sora and not Roxas, Roxas can be a costume. With said, he's the one and only Square Enix character on the list. You want Cloud? Well, keep crying.

7. Bomberman - Bomberman series (duh)

        Since the release of Super Smash Brothers Brawl, I wanted Bomberman and the fan arts just made things worse. The reasons why I want Bomberman are pretty obvious. 1. Simply imagining the mascot of Hudson Soft having a chance to fight Mario. 2. Given all his moves are all about bombs, Bomberman has the potential to be one of the most unique fighter. Plus, it is a great opportunity for people to know who Bomberman is. Like I said before, his moveset can be based around bombs and the fan arts and fan support make Bomberman a character we'll likely see in the next Smash Brothers. With that being said, Bomberman earns the number seven spot.

6. Pacman - Pacman series (Obvious)

    My first YouTube video was a list of the 30 characters I wanted in the next Super Smash Brothers. It was met with rather mixed opinions and in my opinion, it was a downright terrible list. So I made another video of  the five characters I truly wanted which included Ray MK III and the number six spot on this list, Pacman. Out of all the characters in my list, Pacman is by far the one who will most likely be the new third party characters mainly because Namco is co-developing the game and the idea of having the two biggest gaming icons clashing together is too good of an idea to be left in the dust. His moveset could be based around the abilities he can use in the Pacman World games. B to bite, side B for a Rev Roll, down B for Butt Bounce, up B for whatever you can come up with and his Final Smash can be him eating a Power Pellet and knocking off-screen anyone he touches. Simple, isn't it? Despite all these great things, there are two Bandai Namco characters I want more than him. Can you guess?

5. Nightmare - Soul series

     Second Namco character on this list, we have Nightmare from Soul Calibur. I'm not too familiar with the Soul Calibur games which basically means I have no idea what Nightmare's moveset could possibly be. But I got say this, his design ALONE is enough to make me want to put him on this list. I mean, an eye inside a sword? Damn! Anyways, since we got two Soul Calibur on Nintendo consoles (Soul Calibur II and Soul Calibur Legends), having a Soul Calibur character in the next Super Smash Brothers is not out of question. And since Soul Calibur II had Link as a playable character, why not have a Soul Calibur character in the next Smash Brothers? I was going for Yoshimitsu because of how crazy he is but Nintendo mostly focuses on getting the main character and who is better than the poster boy for the Soul series. So yeah, that's it for Nightmare.

4. Megaman - Megaman series (Again?)

     Out of all the third party characters, Megaman is the one fans want and you know what, it is no different with me. Not only this but Megaman can be one of the most unique characters in the game, especially because of his ability to steal the powers of other robot masters. Personally, I think he should be able to use moves from several of his robot masters. Since there are so many options for his moveset, I'll just let you think of a moveset for Megaman. I know what some of you are thinking ''Which Megaman should it be?''. Well, I think we should have the original Megaman (Mainly because he is the most popular one) as a default and have X and the rest as alternate costumes. That will make everyone happy. I also think they should give you the choice to customize his moveset since Megaman has so many powers. And think of the thousands if not millions of people who would rejoice if Megaman is a character in the next Smash Bros. With that said, he's number four.

3. Lloyd Irving - Tales of Symphonia

   Aw yeah! Lloyd Irving is my most anticipated Bandai Namco character. Tales of Symphonia is one of my favorite RPGs on the GameCube and that is mainly because of the awesome combat system. Those of you who have played Tales of Symphonia will understand why he deserves to be in Smash. Given he appeared in the two Tales of Synphonia games which are both on Nintendo systems, he's a very likely character and the fact that there are many fans who want him in the next Super Smash Bros. make it seem like we will see him as a playable character. I don't really need to suggest a moveset, just go play Super Smash Flash 2. Also, it looks like the Tales team is working on the story mode for Super Smash Bros. 4. Just saying.

2. Ryu Hayabusa - Ninja Gaiden series

      I am surprised that not many people bring this guy in any Super Smash Bros. discussion. Anyways, let's get to why I really want this guy in the next Super Smash Brothers. 1. It is very likely to see him. He's been with Nintendo since his early days on NES. He also got a DS game and his latest game, Ninja Gaiden 3 is PUBLISHED by Nintendo. 2. His moveset can be based of off the items he used in the NES games. Shurikens, Fire balls, Fire shield, that boomerang shuriken thing, you name it. He can use weapons such as the Bow or Scythe (More reasons why we need an option to customize our own movesets). 3. Takamaru vs. Ryu. Words cannot describe how awesome it would be to see a fight between the Samurai and the Ninja in a Super Smash Brothers game. 4. He's the best Ninja in gaming! Seriously, I don't understand why he never appears in a list of the most anticipated characters for Smash Bros. 4. With all these good things said, there is one third party character I want more than ANY other third party character.

Before we get to number one, let's recap.

10. Bayonetta (Cereza) from Bayonetta

9. Ryu from Street Fighter 

8. Sora from Kingdom Hearts

7. Bomberman from Bomberman

6. Pacman from Pacman

5. Nightmare from Soul Calibur

4. Megaman from Megaman

3. Lloyd Irving from Tales of Symphonia

And finally

2. Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden

There is simply no way in hell I'll leave this guy out of this list.

1. Rayman - Rayman series

 Rayman is a pretty special character to me. Rayman was one of the first video game characters I grew up with, even before I knew about Sonic's existence. I owned almost every Rayman (Excluding the Rabbids game and including the educational games and the spin-off games like Arena). Out side of nostalgia, I want Rayman because of Rayman Legends. Let me explain. Rayman, from the beginning, was a multiplatform character. From his first game (Rayman) to his latest game (Origins), his games have been released on multiple systems. But Rayman Legends is a different case. It is exclusive to the Wii U which something we've never heard of. Sure, you can say most Rabbids game were  exclusive to Nintendo platforms but these were spin-off games.That alone increases the possibility of having Rayman as a playable character in Super Smash Brothers 4. Then you have his moveset. His moveset can easily be based off of Rayman's power-ups in Rayman 3. B for a Charge Punch, side B for his missiles, down B for a Vortex Punch, up B for Throttle Copter, his Final Smash can be Golden Fist and he can grab enemies using his lockjaw suit. Also, he can have alternate costumes like his old look from Rayman 2 or his Origins/Legends look. In the end, Rayman is a fantastic character in my eyes. His goofy nature and his longtime relationship with Nintendo makes him a perfect character for Smash Bros. 4. I am a bit disappointed no one talks about Rayman or even support him which is also a reason why I want him more than any other third party character. And that is why Rayman is my number one most anticipated third party character for the next Super Smash Brothers.

These are characters that could have been number one.

Crono - Chrono Trigger

Simon Belmont - Castlevania 

Travis Touchdown - No More Heroes

 This puts an end to Smash Bros. Month. It was very fun to do. Hope you enjoyed.

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