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Nintendo's upcoming E3 2013 Press Conference talk

     I know what you're thinking. Yes, E3 is still months away. But who cares? While I try not to hype myself up after the utter disappointment that was E3 2012, we can all agree that E3 2013 will be a big step up from the crap we got last year. Why am I saying this? Well, after Nintendo's most recent Nintendo Direct, they announced some very interesting things (We'll get to that, don't worry). And with more and more rumors appearing on the Internet, why not take a wild guess at what might be at E3, specifically, Nintendo's E3 Press Conference. We'll go through what WILL be at E3 (What is confirmed), what MIGHT be at E3 (What will likely be there but hasn't been confirmed) and what I WANT to be there (What might not be there but that I personally want). This is based on what Nintendo said in the past and rumors. Also, since we're months away from E3, there might be some new rumors that pop up. Let us begin!

1. What WILL be at E3

3D Super Mario game

One of the many first party games announced in the latest Nintendo Direct, it's none other than Super Mario... in 3D. It's to be expected, really. While I skipped New Super Mario Bros. 2 & U, I am hyped about Mario's next 3D adventure. Either it's because it's actually different from the past entries or simply because it's the only 3D platforming series Nintendo has as of now. We've yet to see what it would look like but I'm sure it will be fantastic.

Mario Kart U

Again, another game that was announced to be at E3 by Nintendo themselves. This time, it's Mario Kart. I'm kinda hyped about this one but not too much. Why? Well, it's expected to see a new Mario Kart every time a new console comes out and because I would prefer a new F-Zero game instead. But I always enjoy Mario Kart. It's just that I prefer F-Zero. Oh and there would be playable demos.

Super Smash Bros. 4

 Of the three games that will be at E3, this is my most anticipated one. Heck, I've done a whole month dedicated to this one game. Yet again, it was announced by Nintendo themselves that it would be at E3. We can expect, at the very least, a trailer and some in-game pictures. Also, it's the first portable Smash Brothers game.

2. What MIGHT be at E3

Now for what hasn't been announced for E3 but most likely will be there.

Monolith Soft's new Wii U game

  Possibly the biggest surprise of Nintendo's most recent Nintendo Direct. People speculate that this is a sequel to Xenoblade, a game I very much enjoyed on the Wii or a sequel to Xenogears because of the red ''X'' and the mechs. I think this is a game that will link these two worlds together. Basically, it's an open world Action RPG game, much like Xenoblade, only this time, creatures are bigger, the environments are bigger, there are mechs and a possible online co-op mode. All in all, if we got a trailer that shows some gameplay, I think that means we'll most likely see some more gameplay at E3. Heck, we might see a playable demo!     

Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem

    Another big surprise coming yet AGAIN from Nintendo Direct, it is Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem. This year looks like a great year for Fire Emblem. First, the series is getting a new 3DS game and now there is a new one coming to the Wii U. But, this time, it is a crossover with Shin Megami Tensei. The game is being developed by Atlus, who makes great RPGs by the way. So far, we only have a teaser. No gameplay so far. But if this game appears at E3, we might get some screenshots or maybe some actual gameplay.

Yoshi's Epic Yarn (Working Title)

    Yes. It's another game, y'know, from Nintendo Direct. This time, it's a Yoshi game. It's made by the same people who made Kirby's Epic Yarn. There was some gameplay shown along with a few screenshots. From the looks of it, it seems like a 2D or 2.5D platformer. And that's about all we know about the game. Personally, I am excited (I love platformers) and since we were able to see some gameplay of the game, we might see some more at E3 2013.

New Retro Studios game

   We've yet to see what Retro Studios is working on. It's been nearly two years since they announced they were working on a Wii U title. It was said that they were going to show their game at E3 2012 but it was later pulled off (Which explains how Nintendo's E3 2012 ended on such an awkward note). Rumours on what they were working started spreading. Some people thought they were working on a Zelda game (Which Mister Miyamoto confirmed it wasn't). All we know is that it's a game that fans want. People would think it is Metroid, a new Donkey Kong game or the one I think they might be working on, a Star Fox game (Since Retro Studios have a tendency to revive long dormant franchises). Either way, if the title was ready to be shown at E3 2012, I think it's not far-fetched to think that it would finally appear at this year's E3.

The Legend of Zelda stuff

    When I say ''The Legend of Zelda stuff'' I mean that there are quite a lot of Zelda games that can be shown. For one, we have the Wind Waker Wii U remake that was announced in the latest Nintendo Direct (Again!). So far, we only have screenshots. Then, we have an original 3DS Zelda game. In the past, Nintendo said they would focus on an original 3DS Zelda game before they remake either Majora's Mask or A Link To The Past. Then, you have the new Wii U Zelda game that is also in development. Apparently, Nintendo wants to rethink the conventions of Zelda (Maybe making it like a true Open World game like the first one) and let you play the game by yourself (Maybe that means no more hand holding, which is a good thing). As far as we know, the Wii U Zelda game has begun development for quite a while now. Who knows, we might see some screenshots or something like that. All we know is that it would try to be different from the rest of the other 3D Zelda games.

Bayonetta 2

    The game that caused fanboys to rage. Bayonetta 2 was announced as a Wii U exclusive back in September. Back then, all we got was a teaser trailer. Last week, we got a behind the scene kind of trailer where the developers in Platinum Games discuss what they're planning to do with Bayonetta 2. Apparently, there will be tons of different locations, new ideas to expand the world of Bayonetta, the scale of the game will be bigger, etc. So far, Bayonetta 2 is one of the many collaborations Nintendo is handling. We didn't get any gameplay so far but we might see a gameplay trailer of the game.

Miyamoto's new IP

     It's been a while since Miyamoto has made a new IP. His newest IP is Pikmin from way back in 2001. But apparently, Miyamoto is working on a new IP. What is it exactly, we don't know. So far, it seems that he is working with a newer and smaller team. Also, while we have no idea what genre it would be, what the story is about or anything else, Shigeru Miyamoto expressed interest in making a First Person Shooter. Who knows what he is concocting?

Pokemon X & Y

    Pokemon X & Y was announced back in the beginning of January.  It showed us the starter pokemons (Chespin, Froakie and Fennekin) as well as the two main legendary pokemons. There was also some gameplay (Which was in 3D) and some other features. While I'm not a big Pokemon fan, that doesn't mean I am not excited for the game. Maybe we will see more new pokemons and maybe new mechanics. Either way, it is likely we'll see this game at E3. Maybe Nintendo will do the same thing they did last year and prepare an event for the 3DS only. 

Wii U Peripherals 

        Nintendo just released the Wii U about two months ago. You know what that means? That means we might see some peripherals. What kind of peripherals? I don't know. But since it's a new console, we can definitely expect some peripherals. Nintendo usually likes to show their bigger and more interesting peripherals at E3. Since I have no idea what they are working on, I can't say more than that.

 Third Party games

        Nintendo gets a lot of hate for their lack of third party support but with Iwata promising that they will focus on third party support on a later Nintendo Direct (Since the last one was for the First and Second Party games) and said that collaborating with other developers is one of Nintendo's strategies, we can expect some new third party Wii U games at this year's E3. There are petitions going on to bring Dark Souls 2 to the Wii U, rumors of a Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy game coming to Wii U, rumors claiming Nintendo will fund more games, similar to Bayonetta, including one that will cause shock waves and more partnerships of the sort. Take these rumors with a grain of salt but we can expect some third party games to be shown at Nintendo's E3 2013 Press Conference.

3. What I WANT to be there

These are games I personally want to see. Some might happen, some might not.

Nintendo VS. Capcom

     I don't know why but crossovers always get me excited. I've wanted to see Capcom crossing over with Nintendo since a few years ago and with Nintendo's trying to collaborate with developers to bring (And secure them as exclusives) to the Wii U, it might actually happen. Sure, Capcom made some stupid decisions recently but with Nintendo (Hopefully) on their side, they might do something great. In fact, Capcom actually made great games for the Nintendo consoles last generation with games like Monster Hunter Tri and Tatsunoko VS. Capcom. Also, both Yoshinori Ono and Satoru Iwata are aware of the idea. All I have to say is..................................MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!

Custom Robo

   Highly unlikely but man will I be happy. If you read my Top Ten Nintendo franchises that need to make a comeback list, you'd know I really want to see a new Custom Robo game. Personally, I think the game should change its combat system a little bit. Something along the lines of Budokai Tenkaichi would be great. After all, Custom Robo is a Fighting series. But the odds of this ever happening are pretty low and that's why I don't have much to say about it.

Project H.A.M.M.E.R

    Back in 2006, Nintendo showed a game called Project H.A.M.M.E.R. Basically, you were a tough guy beating the crap out of robots using a big hammer. It looked rather... hardcore, for lack of a better word. Unfortunately, it got cancelled in 2007. There was no official reason as to why it was cancelled (As far as I know). The reason I'm putting this game here is because there are rumours going around that Nintendo might bring it back to the Wii U. I personally take it with a massive grain of salt but it would be great to see it make a come back.

   Needless to say, there are quite a lot of great games that will (Or might) be there. This year is all about software for Nintendo and that's why I'm so excited. But remember, keep your hype level down or else you might be disappointed. Even if it looks like E3 2013 will put E3 2012 to shame, we should lower our expectations. It's something hard to do, especially when we'll be weeks or even days away from E3. With that said, I hope you enjoyed the article.

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