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Eleven changes I want in the next Super Smash Bros.

    Before I start, I'd like to point out that this is not a countdown but rather a simple list of eleven changes I want see in Super Smash Bros. 4. Some may be more important than others.

   While I'm sure everyone wants to see the ten characters I want to see in the next Super Smash Bros., I consider this list to be of much bigger importance. The Super Smash Bros. franchise is among one of my favorites in gaming but let's face it, it does have some flaws. There are some things missing and some things that should burn in hell. This list is about the ten changes I want to see in the next Super Smash Bros. I will not include things like a story that makes sense since, apparently, the Tales team is working on the story mode and I will not include better online. Oh, and just a heads up, this list is inspired by cjszero01's list. Let's start with the first change.

1. Add (more) costumes

     While it's cool that you're able to change colors, the better thing is to include costumes. Colors are not really as great of a feature as having different costumes. The only character I recall that had a completely different costumes was Wario. You could choose between his WarioWare suit and his original suit but is Wario the only one who can benefit of having an alternate costume? No, in fact, several Super Smash Brothers characters can have different alternative costumes. Here are a few examples. Doctor Mario and Paper Mario for Mario, Zora Armor and Magic Armor for Link, Dark Suit, Light Suit, Phazon Suit for Samus, Fox' Adventure costume or his Assault costume. There are many other characters that can benefit of this one feature other than Wario so, please, add new costumes, at least for the characters I've named.

2. Remove tripping!

    I'm definitely NOT the only one who hates the new tripping mechanic. Seriously, who on EARTH thought this was a good idea, in a fighting game no less? It puts you in trouble for no reason whatsoever, it isn't funny when it happens and it brings more frustrations than strategy. We already have banana peels, we DON'T need this stupid mechanic!  

3. Making your own fighter/Miis

  Yes! You read that correctly! I want to play as a Mii in a Super Smash Bros. game! But I also want to make my own character. You know, like having the two options, know what I'm sayin'? Why am I saying this? Well, since we have Bandai Namco developing the next Super Smash Brother game and since they usually give you the option to make your own character in Tekken or Soul Calibur, I thought they could also bring this feature to the Smash universe. Customizing them, giving them a look we are satisfied with and making your own moveset for your characters is a must for the next Super Smash Brothers... and don't forget to add Miis!

4. Make the game harder

      Brawl was fun but a little too easy compared to its predecessor, Melee. The characters were TOO easy to unlock and the events were not a big challenge. Fixing these issues is pretty simple. Make the events gradually increase in difficulty, like in Melee, where event 1 was easy and it kept getting harder and harder up to event 51. To my big disappointment, unlocking characters in Brawl was a freaking breeze. It was too easy. You just had to play Subspace Emissary and you would unlock more than half of the characters except for Toon Link, Wolf and Jigglypuff. I want to know the satisfaction of unlocking a new character once more. Please! Let's say if you want to unlock X character, you need to play 200 matches instead of just 5! And instead of having different ways to unlock characters (Like playing Subspace Emissary or play a certain number of matches) It would be cooler if we had to accomplish several tasks to get one character. That way, the experience would last longer, making you come back to the game YEARS after its release. My opinion, respect it.

5. No more overpowered characters

      One of the most popular complaints in Super Smash Bros. is the fact that some characters are way too powerful. Already, balancing the characters would be a BIG plus for the next Super smash Brothers. Some characters who need to be toned down are Pikachu, Meta Knight, Pit and Luigi's. First Pikachu. We all know his down B and down smash are ridiculously powerful. Either you diminish the knock back or you give him new, but weaker moves. Meta Knight, please make him slower. Pit, his standard A and side B should be limited and should do less damage. Luigi, make him less floatier. Now these are ideas on how to balance characters we know are overpowered but the possibility that Super Smash Bros. 4 introduces new characters that can be overpowered should also be taken into consideration. For instance, make hard hitters slow, fast attackers do less damage and diminish the ''knock back'' made by any potential spam attacks.

6. Super Smash Bros. 4 needs DLC

     Yes, it has been said million times, but yes, it needs DLC. It will make the experience more fresh with more new content. For instance, if they forgot to add a character that people want, they can add  this character in a future DLC. But don't limit yourself to characters. Why not add new stages, new events, new assist trophies or even new costumes to go with this character. Ripping off Joshscorcher once again, you can make something like a Zelda DLC where you will have one new Zelda character, one or two new stages, a new assist trophy, and two new costumes and maybe a new track. Either way, DLC is a must for the next Super Smash Brothers.

7. Stage hazards

      You think only players can kill you? Well, you're in for a surprise because stages can also kill you! More often than not, the stages kill you. Either you remove completely stage hazards in the next Super Smash Brothers or give us the option to turn the stage hazards off. I will really appreciate this.

8. Annoying items can die in a pit

      Obviously, a popular feature of the Super Smash Bros. series is the fact that you can use items to help you kill the opponent. That might sound cool but there are some items that are unfair and overpowered as hell. Case and point, the Ray gun and the fan. The Ray gun, you just press A continually and your opponent dies, the fan, mash the A button and watch your opponent's percentage rise. These two items should DIE! Either you COMPLETELY remove the knock back from the Ray gun and limit the number of hits you can deal with the fan or you freaking remove them from the game. But that is not all. The WORST one, in my personal opinion, are the freaking bombs that randomly fall on the players. When I say this, I'm not just talking about bob-ombs but all sorts of bombs. You can easily fix this issue. 1. Instead of directly spawn them on top of players, spawn them at the top of the screen. 2. It should explode after the second hit. 3. Give us some sort of warning or something. Just please, make sure bombs won't drop on me when I'm about to kill the last guy in 100 Multi-man.

9. No more clone characters

    Yet another issue that has been bothering several fans since Melee pretty much. Of course, not ALL clone characters are bad. But Fox, Falco and Wolf? That's a bit extreme. And the worst part is the fact that they share the same final smash, making them less unique. And designing a unique moveset should not be that hard. You have all the Star Fox Assault weapons, make the Arwing Falco's new final smash and improvise the rest. It really isn't hard. I'm throwing you ideas!

10. A better stage builder

   Brawl had many great ideas. One of them was the stage builder. Unfortunately, Brawl's stage builder was not what we were expecting. There were only 3 backgrounds and there wasn't much you could do with it. But now that the idea is there, all you can do is improve on it. Add more traps, more textures, more floors, more structures. Also, going back to what I said about DLC, why not include backgrounds, structures and traps from ''X'' series. For example, you have a Metroid DLC. With that you get two new backgrounds for your stage builder and more traps (like enemies or something like that).

11. Customizable moveset

      Yet another idea taken from cjszero01. But this one is too good to be left out of this list. While I'm very pleased with the Brawl's character moveset, I want to be able to customize and make my own. There a LOT of characters in the Smash universe that can have a customizable moveset. For example, Link. He has a crap ton of items at his disposal that can be used in a fight. The Gust Bellows can do the same thing F.L.U.D.D does, he can use his whip as side B or whatever, his Beetle can act like Snake's missiles. And Link is certainly not the only who can have a customizable moveset. Here are some of the characters that can have a fully customizable moveset: Samus (I don't think I need to explain), Pit (Crap ton of weapons), Kirby (He can borrow a lot more moves from his copy abilities), Ganondorf (He can use his sword), Pikachu (Well, since he's a Pokemon, he can use other moves), Mario (He can use moves from his other power-ups/costumes), Luigi (Poltergust 3000, that is all), Fox/Falco/Wolf (Weapons from Star Fox Assault) and these are the characters that we know are in the next Super Smash Brothers game. Plus, it would make the matches more exciting given that you don't what their moves are.

   This concludes my list of the Ten changes I want in the next Super Smash Brothers.

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