Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Top Ten things I hate in video games (Part 1)

            You know it, I know it. Video games are fun. Unlike movies and books, video games allow you to fully take control of your surroundings and actually be the hero. This makes it easier for us to get into the game. But, sometimes, developers like to add some things I HATE in their games and that is what this list is for. The Top Ten things I HATE in video games. The only rule: they must not be obvious things like bad AI or just bad gameplay. I'll try to be original with the entries on this list. With that being said, let's get started with number ten.

10. Button mashing/rotating analog stick as fast as you can

          What do you need to play a game? You need the system, the AC adapter, that thing you plus to your TV and most importantly, a controller. But to some developers, controllers are no big deal, right? Why do you put such things like button mashing in a video game? Button mashing can DESTROY your controller. Rotating analog sticks as fast as you can with make your analog sticks loose like hell and I'm looking at you, Dragon Ball Z games. Most of the time, I try not to rotate the analog stick as fast as possible but then I lose. Same goes for Mario Party and their annoying button mashing games. Hey! Developers! I don't want to break my controller! Is it so hard understand? When I play a game, I want to feel like I am in control of what I'm doing and I want to beat the crap of my opponent. I DON'T want to let the computer or player kick my ass because I might break my controller. Plus, it hurts.

9. Long cutscenes 

          It is nice to have cutscenes and all. It makes games look like movies. Woohoo! But some developers like to let themselves go and try to look like movies when they're suppose to make a freaking game. Let's get something straight. I love watching movies but when I want to play a game, I want to play the freaking game! I don't want to spend 10 minutes listening to two characters talking to each other. Just keep things simple, like in the good old days of video games. I like following the story, but it is not by making long as hell cutscenes that you are going to catch my attention. Metal Gear Solid is a big offender. I always remember that long as hell cutscene between Raiden and the president in Metal Gear Solid 2. I have shivers going down my spine when I try to remember it. I wouldn't mind having a long cutscene at the end of the game because it is rather relaxing, after every thing you had to go through.

8. Pay-to-win

       What is pay to win, you say? Pay-to-win is a feature mostly found in online games that allow the player to buy better gear, upgrades, items and things like that, so you don't have to work as hard as other people do. Already, that sounds wrong... well, to me, at least. That makes the game unbalanced and I HATE when games are unbalanced. Heck, that means a gamer that is new to the game can take out a player that is more skilled but decides not to pay for better items. That is unfair. Diablo III is a big offender. Geez, I wonder why people hate Diablo III. Pay-to-win can go die in hell for all I care. Stupid feature.

7. Not letting me save when I want to

      Look, people, I am a save-paranoid. I have to save the game very often. I often save my game a few minutes after I played the game for a while. That is how paranoid I am. But some games like to mess with me by limiting the save feature. Some games, like the original Resident Evil, will use ink ribbons and typewriters to save your game. But be careful, you can only use an ink ribbon up to three times. Three times? I save my game four times every ten minutes. Some games, like Metroid, allow you to save your game in save rooms. While it is much less worse than ink ribbons and typewriters, I still want my Ocarina of Time style saving feature. Simple, fast and you can use it whenever you want to. Only paranoids like me can understand this.

6. Annoying sidekicks 
        Usually, you are not the only one whose going to save the world. Sometimes, you'll get help from a sidekick. Some of them are good, like Tails, Clank, Yoshi and others are ANNOYING! The most annoying, I'd say, are from the Legend of Zelda games. Precisely, Navi and Fi. Why do they need to state the obvious every single time? Heck, let me solve this puzzle on my own. I have two hearts left? Oh, geez, that's what the beeping noise was trying to tell me? I sure didn't know that. Oh, leaves on a rocky surface that lead to somewhere? Nah, it is just nature doing its job. STOP. STATING. THE. OBVIOUS! Yoshi is seen as one of the best sidekicks in video games... and that is without opening his mouth. If I'm stuck, all I need to do is ask them what I should do and that is it. Simple as that.


  This is it for part 1. Hope you liked it....

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