Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Rant: Trolls

     This is the first rant I have ever done. I'm not really a guy who does rants but hey, I can try. Usually, I talk about video games and all but I thought it would be cool to take a break from games and talk about something that is quite big on the internet. What exactly? Trolls, like what's written on the title.

    I would say this. I've started facing trolls around 2008, four years ago... on YouTube. So I sort of know what they are. For those of you who don't know what a troll is, a troll is a person who posts a provocative comment on a forum or YouTube videos or something like that. Trolls usually want to piss you off and waste your precious time. That is a troll. So let's start this rant with a story about how I met these vile creatures.

       It all started in 2008. That's the year I joined YouTube. I spent most of my time watching AMVs (remember those). Some day, my friend tells me a "bully" commented on one of his friend's video. So I went this friend's video out of curiosity and because I wanted to argue. So this guy started posting some very racist comments (especially against Asians) on this friend's video. So I decided to join this "fight". Needless to say, I was excited. So I started insulting him. Back then, I wasn't ashamed of calling someone else names over the internet. No matter what I said, this guy continued spouting racist stuff. He sounded more like a broken record since he used the same words in every single one of his comments. Our "fight" moved on to another video. COMPLETELY unrelated to what we were discussing. He had some serious problems with anime and for some reason, he didn't like Asians. We continued attacking this guy, on the same video, for days. One day, I realized my friend's username was different for some reason. The bully's username was different as well. The stupid kid I was back then, I replied to the bully. It was actually my friend who was impersonating him because the bully started impersonating my friend. I was confused. That would be the trademark of this troll, impersonating others. But you could tell the difference because he used pretty much the same words over and over so it was pretty obvious he was impersonating someone. Later, I met a few other anime guys. Apparently, they were fighting against a group of trolls. Not a single troll, not a few trolls, a BIG group of trolls. Most were racist towards the Asians, but everyone of them was as the disgusting as the other. One of the biggest trolls was RobBarren (now terminated). What made him so special was the fact that he impersonated the YouTube staff so he could get people's passwords to log into there account and hack them. He was an intimidating troll and he had a big group to support him. So a bunch of guys decided to form the Anti Troll Organisation (now terminated). We used to ban trolls almost on a daily basis, so if there's a particular troll we didn't like, it was a matter of time before we banned him. Unfortunately, we fell apart. The trolls won over AntiTrollOrgo. But it wasn't over. The organisation was gone but we continued fighting. Ultimately, we managed to get rid of RobBarren and some of his allies such as oneshotbros. We also managed to stop nparga23 (the bully I was talking about  in the beginning). That's when we removed our internet for one year. Sure I didn't like that, but looking back, I wish I remained without internet. After one year, what did trolls look like?

       They lost the touch. They lost everything that made trolls menacing. They became some wannabe trolls that beg for attention.

     Let's start with the first reason why trolls suck.

1. They're attention whores. Sure, a lot of trolls back then were attention whores but these days, they're even bigger attention whores. Some of them just make a Username for the sole purpose of catching your attention. Man, what a bunch of pathetic freaks. They just want to argue either because they have so much time in their hands and starts hating pointlessly instead of contributing to the advancement of mankind as a whole or they're simply mad. Like people begging for my attention is going to be menacing to me. Pfffffffffft.

2. Their comments are redundant. I've seen many trolls these days. All of them are using pretty much the same words. "Butthurt", "weeboo", "faggot". How about a little originality next time? Do you think I'll spend an hour listening to a broken record? I don't think so. I feel like the more I see these words, the less of an impact they have on me. Oh boy! Someone called me a weeboo on the internet! What should I do? Get real. These words lost their impact long ago. You aren't threatening anymore. They usually type comments FILLED with foul words. Am I suppose to decipher this crap for you?

3. They aren't able to carry on an argument. Back then, getting in an argument with a troll was a big deal. Now? It is a waste of time and usually, the troll is the one who leaves the argument before you do. They're feeble, weak, they aren't able to do what a troll is suppose to do. I got into many arguments against trolls and it is pretty easy to refute their points. It's like they leave an opening for you so you can strike as hard you can. Give me a hard time, dammit! I have yet to see a troll that can make me relive the same excitement I felt when I was arguing against RobBarren's allies. It's boring how easy for me it is. Most of their comments, like stated previously, are filled with foul words... even during arguments. That sure gives you the upper hand.

4. Trolls back then were menacing. They weren't daily routine like they are to me now. Back in the RobBarren days, trolls were racist. Some of them saw Hitler as a hero. Needless to say, there were some Nazis back then. These days? They just troll you for your personal preferences. I like a specific thing? They hate me for liking this specific thing. Wow, you are really scaring me. Woooo. This guy can hack into my account if I'm not careful but this one has insulted me over my opinion? Oh no! Jokes aside, they aren't menacing.

5. Lack of originality. Like I said previously, most trolls nowadays sound the same. Same structure of sentence, same words, same everything. They do nothing to stand out of the others. Back then, trolls were original. nparga23 used to impersonate others, RobBarren used to impersonate YouTube staff to hack into people's account. Modern trolls? Nothing. Nothing forces you to troll. So why do you do it when you'll end up acting like the others? They end up looking like wannabes. I'm an anti-troll at heart and I feel like I know more about trolling than these idiots.

6. They get mad. Remember "U MAD BRO"? That one phrase used by trolls? Well, apparently, troll these have forgotten this phrase. Either that or they don't know how to use it. I know when people are mad, I know when they're angry and most of time, when I argue with these wannabes, they start raging like a bull. Throwing the "U MAD BRO" at me doesn't make you seem like you are not mad, idiot. It is not this phrase that is going to change the argument completely. Stop resorting on this phrase, it has no meaning anymore.

    There are more reasons why trolls these days suck, but I feel like six is enough. Hope you enjoyed my first rant. I bet trolls are going to hate me for this one.

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