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The hate has gone too far

              Yes, the hate has gone way too far. You don't know what I am talking about? Well, in short, I am talking about the Wii U. For those of you who don't know, the Wii U is Nintendo's latest home console. It is going to release here, in North America, on November 18. Back on topic. The Wii U has been announced in June 2011 at Nintendo's E3 Press Conference. Naturally, the Nintendo fans were excited because it was rumored to be much more powerful that the PlayStation 3. After the E3 Press Conference, the fans from Sony and Microsoft started attacking the Nintendo fanbase and the system itself. This will continue 'till this very day. On every single Wii U video, there was at least one fan from Sony or Microsoft trash talking about the Nintendo fanbase and the Wii U, there were trolls and flammers and tons and tons of haters. Almost every Wii U video were attacked by these people. Several people started making videos after videos on how the Wii U will suck and so on. It is something I have never seen in my life. The Wii U is by far the most hated system of all time and it DIDN'T EVEN LAUNCH. The hate has gone too far. It is time to put an end to this. I will refute some of the most popular points the aforementioned groups of people use and will conclude with a little talk about them. Let's begin.

Nintendo does not care about their fans?

             Believe me when I say there are a lot of lies told about Nintendo and the Wii U. I'll go over some of the more popular and bigger ones. Something that came up very often in discussions (trust me, I get into a lot of arguments with people who trash the Wii U) is that Nintendo does not care about their fans. Recently, I've seen people saying Nintendo wants nothing but people's money. It doesn't take long for a sane person to realize how wrong this statement is. The gaming industry is a business. Without money, they can't do games or new consoles. Nintendo cares about the money they make as any company does. This is pure logic. But the fact they care about money does not automatically mean they have no interest in what the fans want. They NEED the money to make the things the fans want. It is logical, really. Now does Nintendo care about their fans? Yes, they do. The Wii U itself is the biggest and more recent example of how Nintendo listens to their fans. Fans (especially the Sony and Microsoft ones) were talking trash about the original Wii's graphical capabilities ever since the beginning of this current generation. With the Wii U being a native 1080p console, it is obvious that Nintendo listened to the fans who wanted HD graphics. The online on the original Wii was, for lack of a better word, underwhelming. But this has been changed since the Wii U is rumored to have XBOX LIVE quality online. The Wii didn't have has much of a vast library compared to its competitors but with the Wii U, Nintendo is making deals left and right so they can bring as much of the big third party games to the Wii U as possible. While we're in the subject of library of games, I'll talk about the Wii's more recent years. People have been pestering Nintendo about the Wii's lack of games in 2012. Some go as far as saying that Nintendo abandoned their fans. Honestly, I feel like I'm the only one who knows why the Wii, the GameCube and the N64 didn't have many games in their last years. Do you wanna know why? Three word. Third. Party. Support. How come the systems that weren't very well supported by the third party developers were also the ones with the least games in their last years? How come the Nintendo consoles with great third party support such as the NES, the Super Nintendo and the DS continue(d) selling after their successors came out? Because of the third party support, people. As for Nintendo only caring about snatching as much money from their fans, the Wii U is a lot more cheaper than what it is suppose to be and unfortunately, it will be selling at a loss.

Nintendo is for kids

     This is the one statement that is brought every single time by trolls and haters. I think it is insufficient to say that this statement is nothing more than bullcrap. There is just so much wrong in this one little statement, I could make an entire article about it. Technically, the title should be ''Wii U is for kids'' but anyways. The Wii U is a system that was meant for the hardcore gamers. You can see how much Nintendo wants the Wii U to be a hardcore system given that they have already two M rated games that they are going to publish (Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor's Edge & Bayonetta 2). Now how come the Wii U be considered a kid's system when more than half of its games are rated T and M? I'm not one to say that an M rated game is automatically hardcore but that doesn't change the fact that 17+ is still 17+. The only thing so far that backs up this theory brought into the discussion mostly by haters and trolls is the fact that the original Wii was very kids friendly. But that doesn't make any sense since the Wii was supposed to target this very audience meanwhile the Wii U is suppose to target the hardcore audience. And anyways, what IS so bad about E rated games (I'm saying this because when people say kids games, they're usually talking about E rated games)? Usually, these people say they've passed the age of playing Mario or Pokemon. Well, what makes you thing ''Everyone'' and ''Kids'' are the same words? I kept asking people what was wrong about E rated games and usually, that is what they say. If there is an E rated game that gets great scores, 10s all over the place and all that and then there's an M rated First Person Shooter that is pretty much like all others, you are going to buy the M rated game but not the stellar game? You are missing out people. Get rid of this mindset. And how come it is incorrect for Nintendo to make E rated games but Sony making Ratchet & Clank, Little Big Planet and Patapon is acceptable? Bias, people, bias.

Nintendo games are all the same and there is no new IP

        Yet another statement that keeps coming back every now and then. Usually, this statement is aimed at Mario and The Legend of Zelda. While I acknowledge the fact that they have a lot of games, saying these games are all the same thing is nothing more than bullcrap. I'll explain why. Since this is a statement usually aimed at Mario and Zelda, I'll defend them first. First of all, Mario. While the story in Mario games are usually the same, the gameplay itself changes a lot and sometimes, the whole genre is different. Take a look at Mario Kart. Is the story about Princess Peach getting kidnapped? No. Is it point A to point B platforming? No. Same could be said about the main Mario games. Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy are both 3D platformers but are very different from each other. Super Mario Galaxy is about space and gravity and Super Mario 64 is all about Peach Castle action. Zelda now. Zelda, unlike Mario, changes story. Although defeating the villain and save the princess is something that is seen in every Zelda game, the story changes. Gameplay wise, it changes too. Are going to tell me Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask are similar in gameplay? Is Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess the same game? No. Ans you have to understand why Nintendo keeps making. To me, it is astounding  how many people don't get why Nintendo keeps making Mario and Zelda games. For three big reasons: 1) These games keep getting excellent review from critics and fans alike. 2) The games sell well. They are system sellers. There are people who would never buy a Wii U if it weren't for these two games. 3) The fans keep demanding new Zelda games and Mario games. These three points are factual. Now, onto Nintendo ''not making new IPs''. This honestly something stupid to say since Nintendo did come with dozens upon dozens of new IPs this gen alone. You got yourself Xenoblade, The Last Story, Pandora's Tower, Trace Memory, Hotel Dusk, Pushmo, Sakura Samurai, Art Style series, Professor Layton, Wii series and all the other Japan exclusives. But what happened to most of them? They didn't sell a lot. So why are people saying Nintendo doesn't make new IPs when they don't do anything to support the ones we have right now? The Wonderful 101 is a new IP but unfortunately, no one gives a damn because it looks cartoony even though it's made by Platinum Games, the makers of Bayonetta and Madworld. Shigeru Miyamoto is apparently working on a new IP as well, so...

The original Wii thing

               Something that is annoying to me is the fact that people keep bringing the original Wii into a discussion that is mostly about the Wii U. Why, people, why? It is something I honestly don't understand. Why do people bring the original Wii in a Wii U discussion? It doesn't make any sense to me. Why does that not make sense to me? Well, because these are two different systems that have a different way of approaching gamers. You see the Wii was a very weak system when it first came out in 2006 and its online capabilities were, like I said before, underwhelming. Meanwhile, the Wii U is a powerful system which uses modern tech compared to its predecessor and has a better online structure. So how come you can compare these two COMPLETELY different things? How come people can tell what the Wii U will do based off a system that didn't do what the Wii U is doing right now? The third party support on the original Wii was lackluster meanwhile, the Wii U is getting a lot praise and support from developers like Gear Box, Ubisoft, Namco, EA, Frostbyte, etc. People, you can't simply conclude what the Wii U will be like this gen based off a system that didn't do what the Wii U is doing right now. You simply can't.

Nintendo games are for kids

        I think I didn't focus a lot on the Nintendo First Party games. Usually, they are the ones who get a lot of negative feedback from the trolls and haters. It is often because of the fact that they are rated E for Everyone. Look people, you can't just call a game kiddy or casual simply based off its ESRB rating. A casual game is something that is accessible to everyone. Wii Sports for example. It wasn't extremely complicated because it was based off actual sports and, for the most part, controlled by by swinging the Wii Remote. Then, in the other hand, you have games like The Legend of Zelda. These games require you to know how to fight enemies (some requiring different strategies than others), it requires that the players knows the where he is and where he is going on the map, it requires that you know how to solve some puzzles and it can be, at times, very difficult. In short, games like The Legend of Zelda are way too complicated for casual gamers to be considered a casual game. Same could be said about Pikmin, Metroid, Fire Emblem, Pokemon, Kirby, F-Zero, etc. But I was talking about how these Nintendo games can't be considered ''casual'' games. Why am I saying this? Because a game meant for kids doesn't necessarily mean it is casual. Let's look back at the NES days. You had games like Battletoads and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle that were there to appeal to the younger audience but, were they casual games? Oh, hell no. Battletoads is often seen as th hardest game of all time and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle? Well, this game's difficulty is just plain unfair. Now games like Pokemon and Kirby can be considered games that are aimed at kids. But even then, these games aren't just for kids only, I mean it is rated E for ''EVERYONE''. I feel like I have to explain to people what the E means. The doesn't mean for kids only but rather that the game doesn't include certain elements that are not suitable for a younger audience like blood, sexuality or drugs. Mario, Pokemon, Kirby, they're games that are meant for everyone, just that it is a lot more complicated than games like Wii Sports. But is Nintendo only made of E rated games? No. You've got yourself games like Fire Emblem, Metroid The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess, Super Smash Brothers, F-Zero GX which are all rated T for Teen (and trust me, there are a lot more T rated games). Then, you have games like Eternal Darkness, Geist, Bayonetta 2, Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor's Edge which are all M rated games. So you can't just claim everything Nintendo makes is meant for kids. Oh, and Nintendo made E rated games back in the NES and Super Nintendo days. They've only started publishing M rated games in the end of the Nintendo 64 era (Conker and Perfect Dark). So, how come new Nintendo is considered kiddy when the old Nintendo did pretty much the same thing?

That new controller is horrible

       For some reason, Trolls and Haters are allergic to logic. Usually, the complaints are about how big and how uncomfortable the Wii U GamePad is. Well, everyone whose held the controller in their hands claimed that it was actually comfortable. So, that's one thing out of the way. Now, my next point. The new Wii U GamePad is the way to go. Why am I saying this you my ask? Is it because I am a blind Nintendo? No, not really. Let's just compare the modern controllers to the Wii U GamePad. I'll compare the DualShock 3 to the Wii U GamePad. Both have D-Pads. Both have the left and right analog stick. The DualShock 3 has the square, circle, triangle and X button and the Wii U GamePad has the ABXY buttons. The DualShock 3 has the L1, R1, L2, R2 buttons, the Wii U GamePad has the L, R, ZL, ZR buttons. Both DualShock 3 analog sticks can be pressed down, both the GamePad's analog sticks can be pressed down. The DualShock 3 has the Home button, the Select button and the Start button, the GamePad has the Home button, the +Button and the -Button. But, only the Wii U GamePad has a touch screen in the controller which can be considered a button. In fact, the touch screen itself can have many buttons inside, something the DualShock 3 lacks. Developers will start thinking that they can make more with the Wii U because of its controller. So, how is it a bad controller when it can do more than the current gen controllers? Even if you still have a problem with the Wii U GamePad, you can use the Wii U Pro Controller. Really, there is just no excuse.

 Fanboys, haters and trolls

          This is the main point of this article. Since the title of this article is ''The hate has gone too far'', I felt like it would be necessary to talk about those who spread this hate: The fanboys, the trolls and, of course, the haters. The are the three main groups that attack the Wii U videos. There is just so much to say about them, so much wrong in them, it is hard for me to even begin. But let's just talk about them one by one. The fanboys first. When I use the term fanboy, I am talking about the Sony and the Microsoft fanboys. Now, let's get something straight, Sony and Microsoft fans aren't bad people, they can be great people but since the fanboys are much more about attacking videos about a product or a brand they hate. The fans of this particular brand that is attacked by the fanboys will think every fan of the opposing brand is the same and unfortunately, this is what's happening to the Wii U. Not only do the Sony and Microsoft fanboys give a bad image of their favorite brand and fanbase, but they don't achieve their goal to change one's mind. Usually, these people try to change your mind by force and when I say by force I mean that they would insult you and respond to you with comments filled with fallacies. Well, that is not the way to change people's minds. Tell me, have you guys ever seen this. Guy 1: ''Hey, the Wii U sucks, its fans are babies and you should be ashamed of being a Nintendo fan!'' Guy 2: '' You know what? That is true. I'll join your company.'' You've never seen that, right? Well, if it didn't work then, it most certainly won't work now. Also, they'll usually tell you ''hey, wait for our system to come out.'' No, just no. You can't just force someone who likes a different brand to wait a year or two just because someone told him to when they could have the latest system from their favorite brand. This is just incorrect. It is up to this person ALONE to take this decision. Now, the trolls. Okay, I've already written an entire article about these annoying beings. I've pretty much said why I don't like trolls (especially the modern ones). In short, they're lame, generic, they are a waste of time and it is just so easy to spot them. Once you do, you know everything coming out of their mouth is bullcrap. Haters. While fanboys are technically haters, I think that there some people who don't really attach to a certain brand that still hate a particular brand, which is sort of incorrect to call them fanboys. Even if they don't usually support a particular company, I still think what they're doing is incorrect. Normally, these haters will continue going on and on about how they hate this product (in this case, the Wii U). Look, if you hate a product or a brand, you should shut up about it and go on about the things you like. It is like if I hated the Police and every time I passed by their office, I said ''Hey! I don't like you guys.'' It is as if you are obligated to do this when you most certainly aren't. Like I said before, you can't change a fan's mind by force, this is all up to the fan himself to decide this. If you try to change a fan's mind by force, chaces are that this fan will instead turn against the company this individual is defending. Because there is a flaw in the system doesn't necessarily mean fans should hate the system. Every system has their own flaws. If what I'm saying isn't true, tell me what system is perfect? You just can't expect to turn the fans against the company they are defending just by pointing flaws in the system. It is up to the fan to decide if they should or should not care about it. For example, people complain about the lack of storage on the Wii U. That isn't going to bother at all the guy who never buys digital downloads. People should stop thinking about themselves.

I barely just scratched the surface. Anyways. The hate the Wii U is getting is down right now nauseating. It is only a system, a box of plastic. In fact, the Wii U is everything the Wii wasn't. But it looks like people have become ingrates, blinded by pure hatred. Some can't comprehend that fans will usually stick to a brand no matter what, some will never understand that calling people names is not going to help them change their minds and some simply don't do their research. No matter how much I want this world to change, I feel like things are going to get worse. This has been xSUPERSONICx99.

Expect a new countdown this week or next week. It will be the Top Ten video game genres.   

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