Monday, June 2, 2014

Nintendo's E3 2014 Press Conference Talk (Part Two)

  In Part Two of my list of things that I expect and don't think will be there, I continue discussing the things I believe will might be shown at the E3 Direct.

(continued) 2. What Might Be There

Miyamoto's New IP

   It's been a while since we heard of Miyamoto's new little project. Whatever it may be, we don't know. It is said to be a small project perhaps something so small as some sort of eShop game because that doesn't take that much time to make but something that will most definitely not reach Super Mario or The Legend of Zelda's level of fame and series length, for lack of a better word. We also know Miyamoto was quite interested in making a First Person Shooter game but it is exactly, only time will tell. 

Whatever Intelligent System Is Working On

    Intelligent System is responsible for the Fire Emblem series as well as the Advance Wars series. They are also the developers of the Paper Mario games. Apparently, the makers of Fire Emblem have an unannounced game in the works, which means it's not Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem. The probability of it being a new advance wars game is low to say the least. That leaves us with Fire Emblem and Paper Mario. The last Fire Emblem was a critical and commercial success for the series. It wouldn't be surprising if they brought a new one to the Wii U. But they can also follow the formula of releasing a Paper Mario game for every home console. If you ask me, I think the later is most likely.

Third Parties (Mostly Japanese)

   It's no surprise that the Wii U has problem with third party developers. Even the Loyal Ubisoft has no games for Nintendo at this year's E3. This SEGA as the most loyal third party developer for Nintendo. There is also Capcom and other smaller Japanese studios. Recently, Natsume confirmed that they had three games coming to Nintendo consoles. Might be some new Harvest Moon games or a new Rune Factory game. Either way, I do not expect many third party game to be there.

3. What I Want To See

Retro Studios' New Game

         Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze was released this year. Shortly after its release,  Retro Studios confirmed that they have been working on a new game for months now. What it is, we don't know. However, this doesn't stop the internet from spreading rumors that a new Metroid or even a new Star Fox is being made. Though it is too early to say that they are working on the next Donkey Kong game, I advise you keep your hopes low if you don't want it to be another Tropical Freeze level announcement (Not that it is a bad game). Since it's in development for a while, it has a low chance of appearing at E3. I just hope they have been wise enough to listen to the fans this time around.


      The StarFox series has been on hold for quite a while. As years pass, and as the spacial canine doesn't show up, more fans have begun losing hope in the series and Nintendo themselves. Since many of the major system sellers are now revealed or released (Smash, 3D Mario, Mario Kart and in the future, Zelda) it's time to turn to projects like this and start bringing us more the good stuff that we haven't experienced in a while. There are a surprising amount of people willing to buy a Wii U if a new StarFox game is made. After all, having only Mario and Zelda isn't enough, especially considering Nintendo's immense catalog of franchises. With StarFox being the major On-Rail Shooter/Flight Simulator, there aren't many Nintendo series capable of replacing it. Hopefully, the fan pressure pushes them to finally release a new StarFox game.


    To answer your question, yes. Yes, I am one of those Nintendo fans who beg on their knees to see a new Metroid, to see a new StarFox.... To see a new F-Zero. It's been a while now. The thing is that, while I only played ONE F-Zero, that one being F-Zero X, the experience was good enough for me to place it above the Mario Kart series. And GX is said to be even better. Gosh. The thing that I love so much about the series is the it can so easily suspend your disbelief and truly engulf you in it's futuristic world with the fact-paced gameplay, the difficulty and the merciless AI. These are things that a Mario Kart game cannot simply reproduce and that is why we need a new F-Zero game. Mario Kart 8 has been released. Is that really the only major racing game Nintendo is going to pull out of their pockets when they have so many other great racing series? The future of this beloved series is quite uncertain but should we let this destroy all our hopes that a new F-Zero game will never happen? No. Like StarFox, we must stand up. We can either remain quiet and never see it again or speak up so our desires are heard. With that said, the rant is over and so is the list.

I hope you enjoyed the list and I sure hope that I didn't raise your hopes up too much. That's why I decided to back up my list with confirmations, so that it remains a little more down to Earth. See you all next year!

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