Friday, May 30, 2014

Nintendo's E3 2014 Press Conference Talk (Part One)

   Rising from the grave, I come to you with a new list about the Electronics Entertainment Expo. Last year, I came up with a list about the things that I expect and wish to see from Nintendo last year, at E3. Though the list came up several months before E3, this time I'll do one a few weeks before E3 begins. As usual, Nintendo's Press Conference, or should say Nintendo's Directs, are what I'm going to focus on given they are the only ones of the big three that I follow closely (Or care, if I am to be honest here). At times like these, E3 rumors run rampant throw out the internet about what will be there and what will not be there. With false prophets and fake sheets, one has to try and be as realistic as possible if he doesn't want to receive insults and death threats from people who where too hyped for the show. Like last year's list, this one will be split in three sections: What is sure to be there, whether it be games or accessories or even updates, What has a chance to be there and What I personally wish to see. The last part is more personal and can be about anything, really. To back up entries in this list, I decided to go with what the producers, directors and the company itself has said in the past rather that some unrealistic and far-fetched rumor coming from an anonymous source. Let's start with the what is sure to be there.

1. What Is Going To Be Shown

 Super Smash Brothers. Wii U/3DS

   The big announcement of last year makes a return this year in force. It was pretty much a given that Super Smash Bros. 4 wasn't going to be released before another E3 or at least for me. With Nintendo hosting a Super Smash Bros. Tournament, it is pretty much confirmed that they will show more of the game in their E3 Direct. Ever since it's announcement, the game kept getting a new trailer here and there from random Directs and E3, being the big event that it is, is sure to be a good place to show some more trailers for the game. A new character reveal is what I guess.

The Legend of Zelda Wii U

  We've been waiting for a true HD Zelda game for a long, long time. Even before the Wii U was announced. We've been waiting for it since the beginning of the HD era, in 2006. Nearly 8 years later, we get to see what a true, original Zelda game made by Nintendo will look like in HD. Already in showable form at E3 2013 and Comic Con, Zelda Wii U seems to have gotten more development time for it to give us a very decent look at its gameplay and story. Both these opportunities were not taken advantage of due to conflicting schedules and with Eiji Aonuma saying that more detail about the game will be shown at E3 2014, It only makes sense that E3 is the best opportunity, as of now, to give us a full, detailed look at the very anticipated next installment in this stellar series. Perhaps more details will come about Hyrule Warriors but Nintendo's E3 Direct does need its fair share of nuclear announcement and The Legend of Zelda for Wii U seems to be the answer.

GameCube Controllers!!

     GameCube controllers are a favorite of mine. Comfortable, clever button placement and a very nice looking design. It is the preferred controller for the more hardcore games like Super Smash Bros. So when Nintendo announced a GameCube controller adapter for the Nintendo Wii U, holy molly, I was beatific! Along with the adapter itself, there was a Super Smash Brothers themed GameCube controller, which only means one thing: GameCube controllers are back on the market, baby! Whether the controller can be used for the GameCube itself or just for Super Smash Brothers, we don't know yet. One thing is certain, with the upcoming Smash Tournament taking place at E3, it is only logical that Nintendo shows us the adapter and controller in action.

X finally gets a name

   While nothing directly points to X being a huge part of E3, it is logical that it will show up at some point in the Direct. It was the big nuclear bomb dropped at Nintendo's January Direct from 2013, it had a second trailer for the game presented at E3 2013 and it had a more in depth look at its gameplay earlier this year. With three trailers displaying what the game is suppose to play like, it's time for us to know the name of the darn game. This will answer the question if it has anything to do with Xenoblade or Xenogears. It's perhaps not the most likely thing to happen but it's sort of about time we know the true title of the game.

2. What Might Be There

Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem 

   We're now getting to the part of the list where the possibility of a game being shown at E3 varies greatly, with Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem being the first entry. It's been about a year and a half since this unlikely crossover was announced... and that's kinda it. No gameplay trailer is shown and we have no idea what it is supposed to play like. Of course, we have confirmed that it is an RPG, although who would've thought it would be anything else. Whether or not it will be shown at E3 as yet to be confirmed or hinted at, but E3 being the only major event on the horizon, this is the only opportunity right now to show what it truly is. Here's hoping...

Yarn Yoshi

    Yet another game from the January Direct that we haven't hear of since. This time, however, we have some actual gameplay footage (short as it is) and some screenshots of the game. It's safe to assume that a year and a half later, the game is well advanced in its development. While it doesn't have an official name, like X, we can assume it is something closely related to Kirby's Epic Yarn. As if I'm not repeating myself enough, E3 being the next major gaming event in the horizon, we may finally hear more of the game and get an official title as well.

Pokkén Fighters or/and Pokkén Tournament

      Let's talk about something a little more peculiar and cryptic than announcements that were made by Nintendo themselves. Back in August of 2013, the Pokémon Company filed a trademark for ''Pokkén Fighters'' and ''Pokkén Tournament''.  While nothing is truly known about what these trademarks truly truly are, we can make the logical connection that it has to be something related with Pokémon since it was filed by the Pokémon Company and has the word ''Poké'' in its name. Around the time these trademarks were discovered, a video featuring Lucario and Blaziken in fighting posture was shown. It lasted mere seconds and was dismissed by the creators of Pokémon as a Tech Demo. The most accepted ''theory'' about what these trademarks are is that they are both some sort of Pokémon fighting game. The possibility of this ever showing up at E3 is sort of low but it is still there.

Pokémon Omega Ruby & Pokémon Alpha Saphire

   Following the Pokémon theme, we have an actual official announcement that has a good chance of appearing at E3. While we know these games well already, since they've been released 10 years ago, I can assume Nintendo will show them at E3 because Nintendo likes to add new things to their remakes. Like what they did with Wind Waker HD last year, we may get another trailer and after that, the producers of the game will talk about the changes to the game they made. If we were to get some form of Pokémon presence, this one is the most likely one.

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