Monday, July 22, 2013

Possible first party developers for Nintendo

      This is a topic I've been thinking for quite a while. As you all know, Nintendo has released their brand new home console, the Nintendo Wii U, just a few months ago. The Wii U is Nintendo's first step into the HD realm. What does that mean? That means games will take longer to develop which explains why Nintendo is teaming up with other developers so they can speed up the development, as stated in their latest Nintendo Direct. But teaming up with other developers isn't the only thing they need to do. Nintendo will need more first party developers like the EAD teams, Retro Studios, Monolith Soft, etc. They can either found new studios or buy existing studios (Like what they did with Monolith Soft). Since I can't guess what studios they will found, I'll focus on the existing developers. This is not a countdown, remember that. This a list of possible developers Nintendo can acquire. These are based on rumors or preferences or both. So I will start with the first one.

RARE Ltd. 

     I'll say it right away, I do NOT want Nintendo to acquire Rare Ltd. I know this might sound shocking, especially if you are a kid who grew up in the 90s when Rare (Or should I say Rareware) were still producing excellent AAA games but please understand I have my reasons why I don't want Nintendo to buy them back. Let's start with the reason why I decided to put Rare Ltd. on the list. You see, a while ago, there was a rumor suggesting that Nintendo was considering buying Rare back. Then, around the same time, another rumor showed up saying Nintendo is negotiating with Microsoft so they can bring back Banjo Kazooie. It even claimed Retro Studios was developing the new Banjo Kazooie. These are all rumors, of course. Even if it was possible for Nintendo to buy Rare back, I would not want them to do so for a reason. You see, a lot of people think Rare will magically turn into its awesome former self, making amazing AAA games all over again. Well, the truth is that the modern Rare is nothing more than a shell of its former self. A lot of people who used to work at Rareware back in their glorious days have moved to other studios after Microsoft bought them. Then, you have the fact that Tim and Chris Stampers (The founders of Rareware) left Rare Ltd. This is why I don't want Nintendo to buy Rare back, they're not worth it anymore.


     Now for a developer I actually care for. Shin'En might be one of the lesser known developers on this list. But that doesn't mean they aren't awesome. Unlike the previously mentioned Rare, I'm putting Shin'En on the list because they have potential to become a Nintendo developer. I first discovered Shin'En with a demo of a little game called Jett Rocket (An excellent WiiWare title) back in 2011. After that playing the demo for that game, I realized that Shin'En was a fantastic developer and decided to buy their next game, Fast Racing League which even, to this day, is my favorite WiiWare game. After that, I noticed a few things. Much like most first party Nintendo developers, Shin'En games were very polished. Second, after playing Fast Racing League, I realized that they had a LOT of potential to develop the next F-Zero. Also, after doing a little research, I discovered that every single one of their games were made for Nintendo systems. All these qualities can make Shin'En a potential Nintendo first party developer. Plus, if they become Nintendo first party developers, they might get more recognition from people.


     You read that right. It's SEGA, the biggest and most fearsome rival Nintendo ever had. With all the doom and gloom stuff surrounding SEGA and its financial status, many people speculate that maybe a company like Microsoft or Sony or, in this case, Nintendo are going to buy SEGA and save them from whatever problem they're in. So, what could SEGA bring to Nintendo. TONS OF SERIES! We all know SEGA keeps making new series, most of which are targeted to the hardcore audience and with Nintendo having SEGA on their side will eliminate the one of the Nintendo haters' most overused argument that Nintendo is for kids. Not only that but the games lineup will increase drastically. Though, considering how big SEGA is, that would cost Nintendo a crap ton of money.

Platinum Games

     Here's one Nintendo fans want to have, Platinum Games. Ever since the announcement of The Wonderful 101 at E3 2012 (Known as Project P-100 at the time), people have speculated that Nintendo should buy Platinum Games because they are co-developing said game. Flash forward to September 2012 and Nintendo announces that Bayonetta 2 will be a Wii U exclusive funded and published by Nintendo. This further kept the rumor train going. The interesting part is that Hideki Kamiya, an important figure at Platinum Games, is willing to develop Nintendo franchises like StarFox. Given the fact that Platinum Games are quite a small studio, this means it will be easy for Nintendo to buy them if they want to. Not to mention, much like SEGA, Platinum Games could bring ''hardcore'' games to Nintendo and further destroy the arguments used by Nintendo haters claiming Nintendo does nothing more that ''kiddy and casual games''. They could bring action games like Bayonetta, which Nintendo lacks and even third person shooters like Vanquish. 


   Oh boy, this one is the hot topic right now. Nintendo buying Atlus. Let me make this long story short. Atlus is owned by Index Corporation who owns several different companies, they got caught doing shady stuff and they're also in a bad financial situation and they are going to sell some of their companies, like Atlus. Ever since this news appeared on the inter webs, rumors started spreading that Nintendo is one of the companies interested in buying Atlus. And with Nintendo being richer than Sony and Microsoft's gaming division, this makes Nintendo a likely candidate in buying Atlus, that is if the rumors are indeed true. But with Nintendo having a very close relationship with Atlus, having crossovers and promotions with Nintendo's Fire Emblem series, it wouldn't be surprising Nintendo jumped in to save them. This news is extremely hot at the moment so we'll wait and see how this whole situation turns out.

   That's about it for this article. Please, apologize my ignorance.

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