Monday, July 22, 2013

Ideas for the next Star Fox game

  While a new Star Fox has yet to be announced, we can assume there will be at least one coming out this generation since Miayamoto himself wants to make one. That's saying something. And since I like discussing about games before they come out, I thought it would be great to talk about one of the games that seriously need to make a come back. There tons of great ideas I want to see in the next Star Fox games and that's what this article is all about. With that said, let's start with the first and most obvious one.

Online Multiplayer

     Like I said before, this is obvious. A big part of what made Star Fox 64 AND Assault fun was the multiplayer mode. Being able to play against three of your friends and taking down their Arwing, that may be simple, but it was fun as hell. But with online multiplayer could expand the awesomeness of the multiplayer mode given you'll be able to play with (Or against) people from all over the world when your friends aren't available. Also, it can allow for more players in a match rather than just four. Online modes can be Death Match and Team Death Match (And if you can do more, good). And of course, we'll be able to play as characters from the Star Fox team, Wolf's team and even Bill's team. But don't limit yourself to only characters from Star Fox 64. You have the Cloud Runners too, you know and it would be cool if we saw more characters from other series too (Samus and Pit anyone?). Heck, why not have a character editor so we can make our own characters? Also, don't get limited to just Arwing battles. Do something similar to Assault where you could go in your Arwing or use the Land Master whenever you want to use them. Oh, and make maps big enough. The online alone will make the next Star Fox worth the wait. Oh, and a ranking system would be really nice. 

More Power-ups and Weapons

         In the past couple of Star Fox games we had (The rail shooting ones) we had power-ups. The Twin Beam power-up, the Hyper Beam power-up and Smart Bombs were all power-ups we could use in the last Star Fox games. But now, we need more. More beam variety, more power-ups and upgrades because, while it won't change the gameplay dramatically, it will certainly be a lot better to have more than have less. Here are a few ideas I had. You can seeker beams. Yes, we had this sort of feature in Star Fox 64 but what I am talking here is Metroid Prime 3 style of seeker beams (Actually, in Metroid Prime 3, they were missiles but whatever) where you can lock on to several enemies at once and then release it to destroy every single of them. Than you can have flame throwers (Yes, flame throwers) for close range attacks. Another idea I had that I found interesting was the inclusion of upgrades. For example, you can't boost for a very long time but, if you upgrade your boost, you will be able to boost for longer period of time and you will go faster. You can also improve your ship's durability, your beam's power, etc.


      Since I'm hopeful that StarFox is going to come back from the dead someday and that the new game may come to the Wii U, I've been thinking about how the game could utilize the Wii U GamePad. Thankfully, I have an idea which will get rid of a problem people had with previous, On-Rail StarFox games: Slippy. On your GamePad, you will have a couple of commands. Here are some examples: Follow Me (Select one or all members of the StarFox team to follow you), Attack (Order one of your buddies to take down an enemy, like the ones constantly go after Slippy), Disperse (The members of StarFox who follow you will go on their own). Properly using this mechanic will make helping Slippy a breeze.

Foot Missions

    Ever since games like StarFox Adventures and StarFox Assault were released, fans of the original and N64 games were very clear that what they want is Fox to stay in his Arwing and not do missions on-foot. While I can understand the reasoning, I sort of have to disagree. Personally, I think having only the aerial gameplay isn't a good thing because it will be a step back from Assault which introduced on-foot gameplay, Land Master gameplay and Arwing gameplay. While you could say the Assault on-foot gameplay was half-assed, we need some sort of variety, not just the Arwing gameplay. Plus, StarFox can do something along the lines of Sin & Punishment for the on-foot missions in which the game is still on-rails but you are now controlling Fox. We don't need the game to be 50% Arwing and 50% on-foot, we just need enough land missions for the gameplay to be varied.

     That about does it for the new ideas for the next StarFox game. You see, there is quite a lot of new things we can introduce to the series. So far, I don't have any other ideas for a new StarFox game but if you do, please share your ideas. Here's hoping the anthropomorphic spacial mammal makes a comeback on the Nintendo Wii U or the Nintendo 3DS. 

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